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Camel – Socket Permission Denied using port 0 with Restlets

Restlets offer solid support for ephemeral ports. Apache Camel does a solid job of trying to stop you. Continue reading

CXF – Missing WADL method parameter element types with JSON JAX-RS services

If you’re using JSON to exchange data with your CXF JAX-RS service clients you might find your out-of-the-box WADL file a little light on detail. Continue reading

TinyMCE 4 – Enabling and disabling toolbar buttons

Depending on your exact needs the disappearance of the Control Manager in TinyMCE 4 may make it easier or harder for you to enable and disable your plugin’s toolbar buttons. Here we look at the easier and the harder way to do it. Continue reading

CXF – Using interceptors to provide simple, property-based response filters

An example of building a CXF interceptor to provide a lightweight, property driven mechanism for web service consumers to filter response sets to suit their needs. Continue reading

TinyMCE 4 – Dude, where’s my border?

TinyMCE’s image dialog provides an easy way to set the size of the border around an image. Unfortunately adding an image border in the first place isn’t quite so user friendly. Continue reading

JSoup – Entity exigency

If you’re using JSoup to parse and render HTML documents which could contain a small range of exotic characters you may not like the choice of entity escaping it offers you. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to tweak it to suit your needs. Continue reading

TinyMCE 4 – Multi-line labels in popup dialogs

Adding an explanatory text label to a TinyMCE pop-up can be a great way of helping your users find their way around your custom dialogs. Unfortunately you might struggle if you can’t keep your instructions short. Continue reading

TinyMCE 4 – Rolling up toolbar buttons

TinyMCE 4’s default theme gives a lot less toolbar buttons per mile than TinyMCE 3 did. Here we look at using menu buttons to improve its fuel efficiency. Continue reading

PHP – node.lo compiler errors when building on OS X 10.9

Some older versions of PHP build fine on OS X 10.7 but fall over while compiling node.c on OS X 10.9 Continue reading

TinyMCE 4 – Adding custom toolbar icons to a plugin

If you’re poking around the standard TinyMCE 4 plugins to see how to configure a toolbar icon you might be left scratching your head a little. Fortunately it’s a lot easier than it may first appear Continue reading