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JBoss Fuse – Deploying JAX-RS services with Fuse 6.2 and Java 8

Depending on the parts of CXF your JAX-RS services utilise, you might have a little OSGi-wrangling on your hands if you want to deploy them to JBoss Fuse 6.2 on Java 1.8
Continue reading

Linux – Calculating relative dates

If you need to generate a relative date in a shell script the Linux date command will do the needful, though there are some platform differences you might need to be aware of Continue reading

Raspberry Pi – Command line WiFi configuration

For a device aimed at least partly at getting kids into programming, setting up access to my hidden WiFi network on a Raspberry Pi proved a little more challenging than I expected Continue reading

Linux – Blinding Find

A little understanding of how find expressions work makes it easy to filter its output to exclude certain files and directories. Continue reading

Linux – Counting code lines with the Unix find command

Here we use the Unix find command in conjunction with cat and wc to get a picture of the number of code lines in a directory hierarchy. Continue reading

Linux – Finding distinct file types with the find command

An example of using the Unix find command to quickly check out the number of different file extensions in a directory tree. Continue reading

Linux – I keep my silent watch and ward

Simple ways of keeping an eye on the hardware health of an HP Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and to provide an early warning of any potential problems, using commands like hplog and hpacucli. Continue reading

Linux – Expired CentOS not so yummy

If your CentOS installation is on the elderly side, yum may start reporting that it’s no longer a valid release. A small configuration change gets it working again. Continue reading