PHP – node.lo compiler errors when building on OS X 10.9

Some older versions of PHP build fine on OS X 10.7 but fall over while compiling node.c on OS X 10.9 Continue reading

Linux – Calculating relative dates

If you need to generate a relative date in a shell script the Linux date command will do the needful, though there are some platform differences you might need to be aware of Continue reading

TinyMCE 4 – Adding custom toolbar icons to a plugin

If you’re poking around the standard TinyMCE 4 plugins to see how to configure a toolbar icon you might be left scratching your head a little. Fortunately it’s a lot easier than it may first appear Continue reading

JAXWS – Handling multi-dimensional arrays of interfaces

If you’ve exposed your value objects via interfaces in your Java service classes JAXB is unlikely to play nicely with them. Here we look at using adapters to help it map between interfaces and implementations and in particular getting this to work with multi-dimensional arrays. Continue reading

Raspberry Pi – Command line WiFi configuration

For a device aimed at least partly at getting kids into programming, setting up access to my hidden WiFi network on a Raspberry Pi proved a little more challenging than I expected Continue reading

Java – Compressed serialization

Serialization may be a quick and easy way of persisting a set of Java objects but it isn’t often a very space efficient one. Here we look at using compression with serialization to reduce the footprint of our saved objects and use JUnit Theories to test our mechanism over a range of object sizes. Continue reading

JavaMail – Random NoSuchProviderException errors sending SMTP mail

The appearance of random NoSuchProviderException errors when testing a new application release turns out to be caused by a new Maven dependency’s dependency. Continue reading

CXF – Using Interceptors to process SOAP headers in a JAX-WS web service

JAX-WS Handlers are perfectly adequate for implementing simple, cross-service features of a Java web-service. For more complex scenarios though, there’s a good chance your web-service framework might have more to offer you. Here we look at using a CXF Interceptor rather than a JAX-WS Handler for header processing Continue reading

CXF – Using Handlers to process SOAP headers in a JAX-WS web service

When using SOAP headers to specify the non-functional, generic aspects of a JAX-WS web-service, handler classes can offer a more effective solution than header annotated method parameters while still retaining a high degree of portability across implementations. Here we look at a simple example of using a JAX-WS handler with Apache CXF. Continue reading

Java – Trusting HTTPS server certificates

Switching Java HTTP client code over to HTTPS can go without a hitch when hitting well-established production servers. When it comes to in-house boxes or development and test environments though, hokey server certificates can throw up a few problems. Continue reading