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Camel – Socket Permission Denied using port 0 with Restlets

Restlets offer solid support for ephemeral ports. Apache Camel does a solid job of trying to stop you. Continue reading

Java – Compressed serialization

Serialization may be a quick and easy way of persisting a set of Java objects but it isn’t often a very space efficient one. Here we look at using compression with serialization to reduce the footprint of our saved objects and use JUnit Theories to test our mechanism over a range of object sizes. Continue reading

JavaMail – Random NoSuchProviderException errors sending SMTP mail

The appearance of random NoSuchProviderException errors when testing a new application release turns out to be caused by a new Maven dependency’s dependency. Continue reading

Spock – Starting your trek

Ready to add a little diversity to your Java testing? The Spock framework could be a good place to start. Continue reading

JUnit – Skipping tests with unavailable resources

If your unit tests depend on external resources they’re going to fail from time-to-time when those resources aren’t available. Here we look at a few options for preventing your build from breaking. Continue reading

Java – Simple Server Stubbing

When a Java Class Under Test makes HTTP calls that are tricky to mock, the Simple framework offers a neat alternative for a self-contained stub. Continue reading