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PHP – node.lo compiler errors when building on OS X 10.9

Some older versions of PHP build fine on OS X 10.7 but fall over while compiling node.c on OS X 10.9 Continue reading

Linux – Calculating relative dates

If you need to generate a relative date in a shell script the Linux date command will do the needful, though there are some platform differences you might need to be aware of Continue reading

Linux – Blinding Find

A little understanding of how find expressions work makes it easy to filter its output to exclude certain files and directories. Continue reading

Linux – Counting code lines with the Unix find command

Here we use the Unix find command in conjunction with cat and wc to get a picture of the number of code lines in a directory hierarchy. Continue reading

Linux – Finding distinct file types with the find command

An example of using the Unix find command to quickly check out the number of different file extensions in a directory tree. Continue reading

Python – Building on OS X

Since OS X comes with Python, if you need to build a specific version on your Mac the required bits are likely to be there already. Running “make test” might reveal a few unnoticed absences though. Continue reading

OS X – Building GNU readline

A number of open source packages depend on the GNU readline library. Here are a couple of easy ways to install it on OS X. Continue reading

Python – Building Python 3.3 with LZMA on Linux and OS X

Python 3.3 supports LZMA compression, though you’ll need an LZMA implementation installed in order to use it. Continue reading

PHP – Building on OS X

Building PHP on Mac OS X is pretty straightforward, though you might encounter a hiccup or two along the way. Continue reading