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CXF – Using Interceptors to process SOAP headers in a JAX-WS web service

JAX-WS Handlers are perfectly adequate for implementing simple, cross-service features of a Java web-service. For more complex scenarios though, there’s a good chance your web-service framework might have more to offer you. Here we look at using a CXF Interceptor rather than a JAX-WS Handler for header processing Continue reading

CXF – Using Handlers to process SOAP headers in a JAX-WS web service

When using SOAP headers to specify the non-functional, generic aspects of a JAX-WS web-service, handler classes can offer a more effective solution than header annotated method parameters while still retaining a high degree of portability across implementations. Here we look at a simple example of using a JAX-WS handler with Apache CXF. Continue reading

CXF – Adding security by IP whitelisting

Creating a simple Interceptor class to enforce IP address based security for an Apache CXF web-service Continue reading

CXF – Java first web services with existing JAXB classes

If you’re exposing existing Java code containing JAXB generated value objects as a Java First JAX-WS web-service with Apache CXF you might run into an unexpected problem. Continue reading